Seoul City Metro will quickly become the first app you reach for when travelling on the Seoul metro system!

Seoul City Metro is the newest and most up to date metro navigation app available for the Seoul Metro System. It contains every subway station and line in Seoul and is a great help getting around the Seoul subway system with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Seoul City Metro combines the latest network data with an intuitive, minimal interface. Search any station by sight using high resolution map; by name in both Korean or English; or by location. Seoul City Metro can then quickly and accurately calculate the route to your destination.

Version 1.1.5 is now available!

New timetables and iOS 4 compatibility were added to Seoul City Metro on the 27th of August. For a complete list of the past updates and latest features check the changelog.

Latest Announcements

Seoul City Metro Lite now available!

Seoul City Metro Lite Icon

Seoul CIty Metro lite is now on the iTunes store! It runs from the same map and station data and has the same slick interface.

Check it out on iTunes! - You've got nothing to lose!

Busan City Metro is now available!

Busan City Metro Icon

Busan CIty Metro is now on the iTunes store! It runs the same great interface as Seoul City Metro and is only $0.99.

Busan City Metro on iTunes

Checkout the Busan City Metro page with some Busan specific preview images.

New features for Seoul City Metro v1.1

  • New stations
  • Timetables
  • Google Maps
  • Bookmarked Routes


  • High resolution interactive map.
  • Search every station and line in Korean and English.
  • Find stations by location and nearby.
  • Route calculation is displayed on the map.
  • Up to date network data
  • Routes saved for quick access later.
  • Most up to date app available.
  • Easy to use.
  • 100% functional offline.
  • Localised in Korean and English.

What people are saying

It's easy to use, up to date and well worth the money. I used it all the time when I was visiting Seoul. - by philipp82 - 5 stars

A must for any tourist (or resident!) in Seoul. - by mj-monk - 5 Stars

Perfect! Easy, acurate and very helpful! - by rzu78 - 5 Stars

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